Caught in that moment....

You know you have been there. You are at a light, not really paying attention to it because it feel like it has been red for days. You begin to drift in your mind with thoughts of amazing things to come; a party that you may be going to, a vacation that you are planning to take, a new love interest that you have found that really sparks your interest, or possibly the beauty of the scenery around you.

I was there the other day, stuck at a red-light that droned on and on with its persistent, "you cannot go while I am lit" type attitude. I turned my head to notice a very cute dog, tied to a chair outside a coffee shop, waiting anxiously for its owner to exit from the store. As each person exited the store, the dog got yup for a seated position to stand on all fours and begin wagging his/her tail in excitement of the re-uniting, much as to say," Are you my owner, because I am happy to see you".

I watched this happen for what seemed to be a countless but joyous amount of time, and never seeing the owner return for the cute pup. Then i heard the "honk" of the truck behind me giving me a little reminder about the light that had just changed. I waived in my mirror and he smiled and I began to drive off.

It felt like I was watching that dog for an hour, but in reality, it was only 45 seconds to a minute at most. I was caught in the moment and it was a great feeling. The energy of the dog transferred to me every time he got up to greet an unsuspecting stranger that it may have thought was its rightful owner. I was there and I was present and I enjoyed every second of it.

Do you have a "caught in the moment" moment? Do you do this on a daily basis or are you too overwhelmed with things that don't really matter? Where do your day dreams take you, to a good place or a place of regret and stress? Find your center and be happy there.

Until next time...