Day 2-Buenos Aires, Argentina

Noah and I woke up at 11. We grabbed some water from a local store and hit the road, guns ablazing. We walked to Avenida 9 de Julio, which is the main street running east west through downtown Argentina. We snapped some photos of the Obelisk, grabbed some coffee and decided to head towards the water.

We stopped at the "Rose House" which is like our equivelent of the white house, only not active, no security and basically for historical purposes only. We did a 30 minute tour learning about the history and about many of the rooms and what happened. The guides for the most part spoke spanish and english, so we weren't completely lost

After the presidential palace, we walked over to a new district of town on the water. We had a great lunch a restaurant called Simone and after lunch we walked down Puerto Madera, which is a really cool area with a boardwalk that goes on for several miles. We took numerous photos and then headed back to the hotel

We made our 630 meeting with the tour group. A bunch of Aussies, brits, two islanders and 1 kiwi. We decided to go for drinks and dinner. We started out by drinking 8peso vodka (aka paint thinner). We ended up going to dinner at a no name place that even if i did remember the name, i would never subject friends or family to it. The food tasted like cardboard and the wine the girls ordered came in tea kettles for god sake. When i asked for a beer, they brought me a 40. We went back to the hotel and proceeded to drink more paint thinner (bad idea).

At about midnight we all decided to go to san telmo, upon leaving I ran into my 19 yo fan club from Chile. She was infatuated with me to say the least. We chatted until 3:30 in the morning and didn't solve any of the worlds problems or really figure anything out for that matter. I decided it was wise to call it a night (I am brilliant like that)

More tomorrow...(if i can find my head)

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