Day 3-Buenos Aires-Last day in Argentina

Woke up at 11am again. Ouch...head has melted on to the floor, cant feel my face, eyeballs hurt. Rule #1 I am not 21 therefore should not drink like I think I am anymore. Water is the only cure for this hurt...liter 1, polished. Man my head hurts, liter 2, demolished. I am gainining some resemblance of a feeling in my face and head again. Sunlight seems to help. I dare not breathe on the walls as the paint will undoubtedly melt off. I try to talk to noah in a direction other than looking at him as his face would probably melt like the bad guy in the end of indiana jones when he opens the casket.

So Noah and I decided to catch a cab to the Recoletta which is where Eva Peron is buried. The tombs were actually amazing. I find it awe inspiring to see how much people spend for dead people. Evita's final resting place had a line of people 10 minutes long to see and pay respects. There were flowers all over her tomb. It was pretty amazing.

After visiting the graveyard, we walked (for a damn eternity it seemed like) to the Estacion Retiro and caught the 1:15 train to Tigre. Tigre is at the end of the line so its an easy stop to get off on. Upon exiting we followed the masses to the parco de la costa or Park of the Coast. We walked around for a bit taking photos and found a pardilla that served a meat plate with a salad for 2 for 50 pesos or about $16 US total. For that price you can't beat it. The food wasn't fantastic, Sausage and chicken were good, but the beef was very very chewy and tough and flavorless in my opinion.

After lunch at about 4:30 we caught the tren de la costa and rode for approximately 30-40 minutes up the coast. It was such a gorgeous day and it was very nice to see the sense of family as the family played and had picnics in all the parks all the way up the coast. We got the the end of the line, Av. Maipu, we walked across a long corridor to the train station Bartholemew Mitre, which so happened to bring us directly back to Estacion Retiro.

From Estacion Retiro, we walked back to our hotel. We decided to come to the mall across the street from our hotel and write and catch up for a bit. I got a cafe con leche and my new favorite desert, which is again the dulce de leche with coconut on friggin tastic. All in all it was a great day seeing as much of the city as we could, with my good bud, Noah.

Until next time...