Day 5-Colonia to Montevideo

I woke up early today and walked the streets of Colonia.  I snapped some great photos of the town.  I want to start taking photos of people, but I would have to do it discretely.  Sometimes people say so much about an area just do to the facial expressions and emotion.  I stopped at a hostel on the main street and had a pastry and some coffee.


I went back to the hotel and finished packing at about 8:30.  I walked back into town and had breakie with the group (for those of you that don't know, i call breakfast, 'breakie") at about 9:30 and then at 11:30 Noah Jake and I walked to an internet cafe.  They wanted to check emails, sports scores and update people on their whereabouts.  I had done all that on the free wifi at the hotel so i was good.

At noon, I decided to walk back to the hotel.  We grabbed our packs and jumped into taxis and arrived at the bus station.  We had some time to kill so we kicked the ball around for a bit.  We had a few close calls inside the station where the gate agents were getting mad, so we took it outside.  We almost took off an old ladies head and decided to end the comraderie. 

At 1:45 we boarded the bus.  We pulled out of the station at about 2:00 pm and the bus ride was about 3 hours.  The countryside was barren but very pretty none the less.  I thought i was going to be restless on the bus, but for the most part, I slept for the first hour and a half because of exhaustion.  I was awake for the last hour and a half as we got closer to Montevideo.  It was fascinating watching the change of scenery. 

We arrived into Montevideo at about 5:30pm and after we checked into the hotel, myself, Noah, Jake, Johnny, Matthew and Adam decided to walk about.  We ended up at the waters edge in time for a most magnificent sunset.  Wonders never cease and I was blown away by the view.

At 8pm we left for downtown Montevideo and had dinner in an area called old town. The restaurant was fantastic. Beer was cold and food was very delicious.  I had some sort of steak that was very tasty.  I am definitely getting my fill of red meat.  Afterwards we went outside and took some photos of the area.  We decided to call it a night and head out early in the morning.  The nice thing about our hotel here is that breakfast will be included.  I can't wait.

We walked back to the hotel by 10:30 or 11 and called it a night.  Of course Mr. Potato wanted to stay up and play.  Damn unruly potatoes.  They are all "gratin" if you ask me...

Until next time...