Day 8-Salto to Iguassu

Today I woke up early (6:00...go figure) to write in my journal.  I went to the lobby and dropped off my laundry.  I went around the corner and sat down for breakfast.  It wasn't free at this hotel but was only like $4 or $5 dollars US.  Hope, Jeff's wife again joined me on this day.  She advised that she doesn't sleep past 5:30 no matter where she is.  She started to chat with me, so journaling became a forgone conclusion.  She is very sweet and loves to talk, so i let her.  Her and Jeff have been married for 38 years (1971 the same year I was born).  Jeff worked in law for the US government and Hope was a teacher.  They have 3 beautiful children and one of them is getting married in October.  I learned a lot about them on this day.

At 10am we headed out to the thermal spas.  All the locals were staring at us standing in our shorts, waiting for the bus, in the chilly Salto air.  Noah was asked by a local to speak with a woman on the other end of the phone.  She was in Miami and was curious to know why we were there.  Apparently its not a big tourist draw.  After that, the gentleman on the phone was very kind to Noah and helped us find our way to the spa.

The locals call the spas the Thermas.  The hot springs were very nice, a little primative, but fun in my humbled opinion.  We stayed until about 1pm, when we changed and got ready to catch the 2pm bus back to town.  I forgot the name of the street we were supposed to get off on, however, we ended up getting off 1/2 block from the entrance from our hotel so it was a great guess.

Noah and I changed quickly and went to the supermarket and got some food for the overnight bus ride.  We sat around the lobby waiting for our transfer to the bus station, watching "As good as it gets"

We had to leave at around 4 to get to the Argentina border to allow us passage into Argentina.  Since our bus was leaving from the Argentina side, not Uruguay, we had to get to customs early to make sure there were no problems before heading to Porto Iguassu.  After clearing customs, we headed to the station and decided to wait at a restaurant across the street so everyone could grab a meal if they so chose to.  After finishing up and settling up, we walked back to the station and at about 8:30 the bus showed up.

Our bus attendant was SMOKING hot.  We were served a sandwich plate and soda.  The movie on this long bus ride was "Transformers 2-Rise of the Fallen".  I took two melatonin and some sinus stuff noah gave me so after eating and giving my tray to our attendant, i passed out.  I woke up again at 11:30, 2:30, 5:30.

Until next time...
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