Pre day 1-Los Angeles

Today was the final day of packing, prepping and making sure we had all our gear for the trip to south america. I finished up at about 4:30 and then emailed Noah to see how his day was going. Noah finally texted me at 6:30pm to let me know he was on his way home and that he would stop and pick up some food.

He arrived at 6:45 and finished his dinner and by 7:30pm we were ready to roll. O
ur next door neighbor, Yvonne, was kind enough to drive us up, since Robert, Noah's dad was beat from working all day in the sun. We left at 7:45 pm and arrived at the Sheraton Gateway at 9:30 pm. It is a fantastic property right next to the Airport and has a complimentary shuttle to the Airport. The cost was about $109 for the night and the beds were extremely comfortable and the staff was very friendly. They have a very trendy business center and a cool bar. I highly recommend this property **** 's in my book :-)

Noah and I got settled and somewhat organized for the night and went downstairs to get Noah checked in and signed up for DL frequent flyer program. We decided to pass on cocktails because Noah's throat hurt and I was a bit unrested from not sleeping so we decided to call it a night. As many of us know, that 5am wake up call often comes much too early

Until next time...