Rio De Janeiro, Latin Women and Joe Merchant

So Rio has been nothing like I expected. We arrived here on Sunday afternoon to perfect skies without a cloud in the sky. We checked in to our hotel and decided to don some shorts and minimize our necessities. The Hotel Agrense is only about 2 blocks from the famous Copacobana beach. It was very hot on this glorious day. The temperature reading on the board said 30c and UV 11.

The walk was amazing seeing all of the Brazilians out and about as we walked down the beach. The Brazilians are very comfortable with their bodies. It doesn´t matter what shape or size, the women all wore thongs, and a majority of the men wear speedos. They play fut-volley here instead of volleyball. They basically use the same rules and volleyball but you have to use your feet, head, knees, chest or even shoulders. I became enraptured in a game and watched for 20 minutes as the two teams never scored and kept going back and forth. Two of the guys on opposing sides got into a verbal squabble about the score and finally they accepted the score and moved on.

After a stroll on Copacabana, we walked around to ipanema, which seemed to have more people. The women seemed to be a lot more confident as I was immediately greeted by 3 very beautiful women as they passed, welcoming me to their beaches. I smiled and replied,`Obrigada,´ and walked on. The women are beautiful here, however, I am biased, as those of you that know me, know I love Latin women :). They range in skin and eye color from olive complexion and green eyes, to dark chocolate with jet black eyes. Needless to say, I was in seventh heaven.

Noah and I walked almost to the end of Ipanema and decided, as the sun set high behind Corcovado, that it was probably time to make our way back to the hotel. We had to get ready for dinner. We decided to go to a restaurant called Monchie, which was a Churrasco or barbecue where they serve all you can eat meat for 22.50 Reals or 13.50 US. Add to that the unbelievably strong and cheap caipirinhas 4,00 Reals or $2.35 US and you have yourself the best meal in town. Noah ended up eating the most out of the group, even our prize fighter Dylan, from Australia, was surprised as Noah took the crown.

At 11pm we were driven to a favela party that lasted until 4 in the morning. It started slow, but as the night progressed the women and men began to flock in. I could feel the stares from the women all around the club. I also noticed that the women are very forward here, which i like. 1 hour after being in the club, I had been groped by at least 20 women as they walked past me and smiled. I had one admirer that would not be distracted. She had her sights on me and before I knew it, she and I were dancing until the wee hours of the morning. She insisted on me taking my shirt off, so i obliged. After 2 hours of dancing, she asked me to kiss her, again I obliged. As the night wound down, i found my group, exchanged facebook information with this beautiful girl and by 4 am we were on our way back to our hotel. We arrived at 5 am and I couldn´t sleep past 7:30 am. Although the women are beautiful, I have not partaken in any of the local culture. Some reason, i think i am just an Orwellian observer. I sit back from afar and admire the women and the beauty of this land, but i don´t take anything from its beautiful shores.

I am thoroughly impressed with Rio and all its beauty. I could make this my second home in a minute. The people here are simple, beautiful and have a fantastic language. As I woke up this morning, I enjoyed a minimalist breakfast of a roll, some ham and cheese, slice of pineapple and some great coffee. I decided to finish reading `Where is Joe Merchant´, and only had about 60 pages left. I sat outside the hotel and finished it and realized that Frank Bama, the main character share so much in our lives. Jimmy Buffett helped me, with his book, realize one of the main objectives of this trip, which was to find emotion again in my life. The combination of my fathers advice to see Rio, imagining my father climbing the steps at Corcovado, as I did yesterday, and Jimmy´s advice of trying to find ´happily ever after, every now and then´and finding someone to love in this life, I found what I was looking for, as i broke down and cried after reading some of the last pages.

Our life really is a journey and dependent on how we view it. For all those I may have hurt along the journey, I hope you can one day forgive me. For those of you that have enlightened and inspired me, Thank you.

I leave you with the lyrics to the song that is on my iPhone now...

`I've been a stand-in, a stunt man I've takin' some falls Troubles... I've had my share But one has to learn how to run before walkin' 'Round breathin' that million air

Take it from me cuz I found If you leave it then somebody else is bound To find that treasure, that moment of pleasure When yours, it could have been

Some people never find it Some... only pretend, but me: I just want to live happily ever after every now and then

I've been in vans and in bands On and through stages One thing I can conclude One has to learn havin' fun is just smilin' through Those Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes Take it from me cuz I've found If you leave it then somebody else is bound To find that treasure, that moment of pleasure When yours, it could have been

Some people never find it Some... only pretend, but me: I just want to live happily ever after every now and then

Some people never find it Some... only pretend, but me, hell: I just want to live happily ever after every now and then ´

Until next time..
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