finding the meaning

We wake in the morning hoping for some semblance of meaning in our lives.  The day begins as any other and much like days before.  Since this day is so like others, we assume that there can be no other frame of reference and that the monotony of our life will continue each day as we seek out some form of recognition in this world.  We seek in this life someone to comfort us and tell us its all going to be okay.

We come back to familiar places and things in hopes of finding that happy place once again.  The ones we knew as children when fairy tales were as true as the person that told them to you.  The images blur as we grow older and the lines are not as distinguished as we once knew.  We hold on to the memory of a lost love in hopes that that memory will comfort us until that next one comes along.  We lose the things that matter and keep the things that destruct our mental fiber.

Wake up zealous again with a new song in your heart.  Wipe the sleep from your eyes and embrace the most gentle of delicate days that lays before you.  What is your passion and what new gifts will the universe bring to you on this day?  Will you tuck that gift under your pillow or disregard it as you have done in the past so many times before?  With your body and mind, its good to see this new day once more, for i know not where or what this gift I have been given will give to me.  I see the trees differently on this day and hear the birds sing a new song and the sun is shining just a bit brighter on this day.

Your life is what you make it.  Your demons are the ones you have chosen to hold on to and keep you from those childhood memories.  Keep your faith  in whatever it is you believe in.  Love the beauty of who you are and keep giving a damn about the things that matter.  Make sure that the life you leave behind, leaves a mark on those who come behind you.  Inspire all those around you and most of all be happy because you are beautiful.

Until next time...