I am...

I am a freelance business, coffee drinking, have fun with my friends, loves to travel, doesn't eat brussel sprouts and likes riding bikes more than running.  I don't have possessions and don't own anything of significant value.  I treasure the friendships I have and will always make time for the people I like in my life.

I don't have retirement fund, savings doesn't exist and i live day to day.  I don't have medical insurance or an annuity from family members.  I don't have much, but i give alot and money will never have an emotional place in my heart.  I love animals and dislike fighting.  I will never own an SUV even if I won the lottery or came into money.  I  am practical and recycle when i can.

I won't kill a spider or an insect of any sort for they have as much right to be here as me.  I enjoy the pain i get from riding long distances on my bike, but I will never be Lance Armstrong.  I am fit but not ripped.  I don't like junk food and prefer fresh food. I don't cook for myself near enough.  I like a clean desk and a clean room and realize its okay to leave my bed un-made some days.  I like doing laundry and dishes, i dislike lazy people

I hate routine and love spontaneity.  I am an explorer, not a builder.  Security nest is a place for me to sleep at night.  I don't own a home and I have a car note.  I am not fragile and learn about my emotions on a daily basis.  I love sunrises and sunsets.  I sleep 5-6 hours a night and feel that more than that is a waste of my day.  I don't dream.

I love Vegas, Miami and CSI.  I watch house regularly and like Nip/Tuck.  Cereal is my favorite food and a good salad is cleansing.  I see beauty in everything.  I don't use drugs but I have tried the lot of em.  I look forward to now. I am the new generation, I am...you?

Until next time...
Chad BordesComment