Little Reminders

If you feel you are not making progress, it is because your mind is a terrible obstacle. Pat yourself on the back and reward yourself for all that you have done.

If you forget why you are on the chosen path, remind yourself why it is you do what you love. Focus on all the positives and eliminate the negatives that may try and creep in. Walking is done one step at a time.

Remind yourself often of what is important to you. Family, friends, laughter and your amazing ability to attract new and wonderful people in your life. Find whats REALLY important to you and do that.

Our mind has a way of telling us that we are not good enough, when the reality is that we, in our current state, are perfect and need not achieve anything other than right now, because there is no past and the future is a dream.

Take time to appreciate you and all that you do, for those around you as well as yourself. You are beautiful and magnificent at this moment and NO ONE can take that away from you. Go watch a sunset, put on your favorite music, watch children play in the park...just be.

The best of your life is waiting for you right now, not in the future or in some distant memory from your past, but right now. Give yourself the love admiration and respect you deserve. Brush yourself off and be in love.

Until Next time...
Chad Bordes1 Comment