Is it me?

So yesterday and the day before, I felt a head cold coming on. It was a hard hitter, but I roughed it out. 2 full days of hard labor, in the form of shoveling and moving dirt by the tons.

Having a cold of any sort is draining because your body is working overtime to maintain homeostasis. Doing physical labor, may or may not be good for that end. The definitive results (in my book) are inconclusive.

So this morning I woke up and noticed that this cold is working it's way to my chest. Most people would say " you should go to the doctor", however since I have no insurance, I say screw it and will hop on my trusty steed (aka my fuji) and barrel out some miles.

Again this may not be adviseable, however, I tend not to listen to advice---call me crazy, but if you don't know by now, I am a bit unconventional.

I hope to hack up a lung or two. Maybe see some amazing scenery and just be in this moment, because in reality, it's all we have

Until next time...