Always Thankful

You may not realize it, but there are so many things in your life to be thankful for at this moment. Wherever you are, whatever you are going through, make sure to focus on the things that matter and to give thanks for them.

Everyone has problems, challenges, struggles, and difficulties in life, yet its what you focus on that will free you from the pain of hurt and live in limitless joy.

Stop bitching about what you don't have and focus on the abundance that is already around you. Instead of being hateful to those that hurt you, abused you, beat you, wronged you or even raped you, focus on the people that lifted you up and brushed you off and told you they loved you. They have to be there, else you wouldn't be standing where you are standing today.

If you find yourself in a worrysome situation or in fear over the impending future, stop thinking for a minute and just breath. Focus rather on the hardships you have endured and put yourself in a happy place to know that you made it through the despair. Know with every fiber of your being that you can always remain standing through whatever life throws your way.

If you have dreams that have not been filled, you need to give thanks for them. Imagine if you had accomplished everything you set out to do, that would be the most boring life possible...especially if you achieved it early on in life. Be present in the now and give thanks and know that there are other goals that you are going to tackle as you move forward. There is no right or wrong or best or worst when accomplishing something, just a piece of mind that you did it.

Live in love and allow yourself to live in that gratitude that you are wonderful, beautiful, amazing and unique. Approach everything with an open heart, an abundant heart, a loving heart and a thankful heart. You will find yourself less stressed about the future and living in love and light which is where we all strive to be. Know that I and many others love you, but more than that, that you love yourself, for that is what matters.

Until next time
Chad BordesComment