The Means, Not The Ends

Why is it that we start something we are always so focused on the end result. We begin things with visions of grandeur and if they don't come out exactly like we want, we become discouraged. We should be focused on the doing rather than the end product.

In order to achieve something great, one must make many efforts. Often times the thing of greatness will not happen on the first try. In doing, you are creating effort and therefore working towards the end goal, but don't get hung up on what that may look like, because truth be told, it may change while you are working on it.

My advise: just keep pushing through. Keep adding one brick, one stone, or one piece of wood to the project at hand. While you are doing this give thanks and sit back and learn, take in the feelings of what felt good about the project and what doesn't. This helps you when you have to redo or start another project of similar scope.

As you work, you get better at what you do, you learn what works and what doesn't and therefore you make yourself smarter along the way. Its the continued effort of trial and error. Try one thing and if it works, use it again, if not, approach it from a different angle.

No matter what you do, never give up. Show yourself and the world that you are committed to this thing and persist in achieving it and it shall be yours.

Until next time...
Chad BordesComment