Blessing not a Curse

Your tasks today, your job, your chores...they are a blessing not a curse.

No matter how you look at it, the truth is, today, this hour, this moment is where you make a difference. You might not see it but you bring value to all that you do.

Don't think of today as a burden or a chore, but rather open yourself up to the possibility of what could be. Allow yourself to be open to grow and to learn. We will never stop learning until we choose to. It is an amazing cycle, when you learn you grow and as you grow you learn.

Imagine if everything were easy, there would be no sense of accomplishment. I mentioned in an earlier post, if that were true, your life would seem pointless. "A person shows who they are by what they do with what they have been given" Working through each challange and keeping your spirits high is the challange. Anyone can quit...that is the truely easy road.

Whatever you are doing on this day, be thankful that you have breath and means to do it, even if it seems mundane or trivial. Focus on doing the absolute best job you can do, whatever it may be, be it a carpenter, a mechanic, a writer, or a mother.

So brush yourself off, check your attitude, leave your pride at the door and get on with your amazing day. Never forget that you bring value to the table and that what you do is meaningful and necessary. Stop playing the victim and step into the light of being and be.

Until next time...