anything is possible

Do you ever feel like life is conspiring against you? Do you feel that no matter how hard you try, your getting trumped by the royal cards of the universe?

Many times people don't realize their thought patterns. They subconsciously sabotage their abounding great thoughts with thoughts of fear, hopelessness and failure in the back of their minds. Learn to clear those remaining negative thoughts in your head. The truth of the matter is there is endless possibility, not despair. It is your choice to see it in either light.

Often times we think of some difficulty or problem that we are going through and we become heavy with those thoughts. Begin to focus on the opportunities that will come from crossing over that bridge. You have crossed it many times before in your life and the outcome has always been the right one.

Everyone struggles with problems and challenges in life. You are no exception to this truth, however, what you do with that information and how you perceive it, is your real test of character. Embrace this struggle as you have done all other struggles in your life and learn from it. Use the message, not the event, as your guide. This tends to keep you on an even keel while sailing life's occasional rough seas.

Situations can be disruptive and take you off course a bit, as they tend to do in everyones life, however the real benefit comes from what you do with that situation. If you feed the event or challenge with energy, it will grow and grow and eventually over power you, however, if you choose to see the event or challenge as a speed bump, not giving in to its energy and moving on, you will find yourself much happier throughout.

An example I like to use here is a financial set back. No matter what the set back, whether it is an unexpected car repair, a water heater gone bad in the middle of the night, or an emergency surgery for yourself, the thing to focus on is not what has happened, but that this too shall pass. Cars get repaired, water heaters replaced and surgeries completed successfully. Don't make the deal bigger than it is, don't feed the situation more than it needs to eat.

You can't always dictate the course of your life, however, you can enjoy the ride, admire the sunshine, feel the soft breeze on your face and know that whatever course you have charted is the one you are supposed to be on. Believe that anything is possible!

Until next time.