Be Love

Do you ever feel like you are going to burst with happiness? Have you ever been in love with people, not just one person? Often times we think we are only allowed to love and be loved by that special someone so we refrain by just liking those around us.

When you act in love, the world moves. Have you ever seen how someone reacts if you do something nice? They smile, they say "Thanks" and in some cases they are even shocked. When you act and live in love, the world opens up doors for you and things you have never seen, become visible before your eyes.

Many of us walk around in fear or afraid of truly showing love because you may open yourself up too much or expose yourself to getting hurt or suffer rejection. I feel that love, both the act of being in love and showing it make you a much more complete person. Don't be selfish, learn to love all those around you. Let love come from within and flow like a river to all those around you.

Love is not just a word, it is a state of being. You can walk around living in love or you can live in fear. When you live in fear, you can't experience the joy that comes because you are too scared to get hurt. Yes there will be some that find you odd for being generous or caring, but that should never stop you on your path to enlightenment. If you think back in your life, love accounts for many of the happiest times in your life. Don't think of love as some magical mystical state of being, think of it as right now.

No one said that Love is easy on any level, but it is freeing to know that when you love, you break down fear and you are able to express who you truly are without hiding behind walls. When you love, you break down the fear barrier and the universe directs you in ways that you never thought you would go.

Love is not some rare and mystical ideal we should strive for, it is right now and right here. It is complete in its entirety and allows you to shine. Go…go out there and show the world your capacity to love. Do good to those around you and show everyone a little love.

Until next time...
Chad Bordes2 Comments