Crippling fear

When you are stressed or worried about something, you are living in fear. When you worry about something, you are basically affirming that you want and believe this stressful event is going to happen to you. You dwell on it so much that before long, it becomes a reality.

When you stress about a thing, you really are crippling yourself. There are things you can change and things you cannot, and if you keep worrying about something, you add much stress to your life and keep yourself from being truly happy. A little stress is good, its called eustress and can result from buying a new item, giving a speech or even taking a test. The crippling stress is distress and this results from long time worry and fear.

When you feel this crippling fear, or if you feel overwhelmed by a negative thought, kill it in its tracks by changing your focus. Focus on the things you have and the things you need to be thankful for. Focus on the good you do in the world and that everyday is a new day with endless possibilities

Begin to channel your energies on opportunities and your abilities. Imagine your life creating value in your onw life as well as everyone you interact with. Believe that you are on this journey for a reason and sometimes that reason, although prevalent, may not be clear for you. Don't allow yourself to worry…it causes you to age faster and die sooner.r.

Life is more about the reaction you take when faced with a dilemma. Don't sit around anticipating the worst as you will draw that into yourself When a problem arises, focus on the logical step by step process to eliminate the problem at hand. You are stronger when you are living in love and not dwelling on fear, for worry will only add to your misery.

Focus on the doing and being and seeing of this great land. Know that not everything is perfect, but that the more you focus on your love and energy, the better the quality of people that come into your life.

Until next time...
Chad BordesComment