Get a routine

Many people find routine to be boring and tedious. If you move away from routine, you may find your life becoming chaotic. If you learn to like and embrace your routine, you will find your life becoming more glorious by the day.

Rather than despise the routine you have chosen, learn to love it. Learn to embrace it in its entirety and you will find that you are much more content and fulfilled because you are moving closer to accomplishment. With every task you complete, you become more complete.

Call it routine, or call it habit, it will either be constructive or destructive to you. When your routine lacks focus, you begin to become destructive, both in mind and body. The example I like to use here is exercise. The lack of routine makes you feel lethargic, tired and wistful. However, if you have a workout routine and you do it every day, you become creative, alert and alive.

Having a habit pays more dividends than you realize, whether it is cleaning your room, making your bed, or cleaning your desk. By having a habit, you begin to value the things you have.

Sometimes the habit will feel like a chore, but the more you do it, the less "chore" like it will feel. You will begin to feel good about accomplishing the littlest of feats and it will empower you to tackle bigger tasks as the day progresses. You have to step out of your comfort zone and become uncomfortable for a bit, and before long, you will begin to see the benefit of having a routine.
Chad BordesComment