It's your perspective

I saw this in an email this morning and thought I would share:

In all of time and space, there is no challenge, pothole, mountain, chasm, hurdle, or foe larger than you. Not even close. Although if all you use to size them up are your physical senses... good luck!

We don't live in a perfect world. Things go wrong, bills have to get paid, friends sometimes disappoint us, however, that doesn't change the fact that your life is amazing. If you look around you at any given time, you will see wonderful and amazing things. Savor the moment..

Where ever you are, being the you that you are right now at this moment, is enough to experience the most awesome moment of your life. Take a deep breath, thank your higher power for being healthy and well, give thanks for all that you have and you will find extraordinary value in the power of being. Normal mundane moments will become awe inspiring and breath taking seconds and will over power you senses.

I talk about it often on my blog but each day is a gift and truth be told, you can't predict the future, so don't try. Today is your gift; embrace it! Open yourself up to the wonderful and unlimited directions that the day can take and give thanks along the way. Life is not about how much money you have in the bank or how big your house is, its about embracing each moment and affecting as many people as you can (in a good way).

At any given moment, any given time, you can find value in whatever it is you are doing. You can take the negative and learned behaviors of the past and replace them with fresh and new expectations for your future. Your life plays out however you perceive it, so it makes more sense to stay open. Limitless possibilities await you and will take you where ever you want to go. If you block off your channels and live according to your past perceptions, the opportunities will never make themselves visible to you.

Nobody said that road of life was going to be straight and easy. Enjoy lifes little twists and turns and see where they take you. Everyday is an adventure and where that road leads you,is completely up to you. May you have a blessed day and know that if you are reading this…I care about you and love you! You matter and you are perfect!

Until next time…