Seriously...think about what you want

You may not know it but the things you thought about last week are coming true this week. Although thoughts don't manifest themselves right away and in some cases to the untrained mind, it may take a week, a month or even years, once you are in touch with what you are thinking, there is no limit to how quickly they show themselves. If you think things are dull, they become dull. If you think your drive to work is boring, it certainly becomes that way. If you begin your view your life the way you would like to see it, your life shall become it. When you focus on disasters, your life becomes a disaster. No one deserves that in their life and you have to reverse the thinking that brought you to this point, this moment in your life. Its as easy as flipping a switch. You don't leave your lights on all day (at least i hope not :-), so why would you leave those disastrous thoughts on in your head, flip the switch and change direction. Do this every day! Do it for 30 days and you have created a (healthy) habit. Your thought habits formed over a lifetime, however, they are reversible.
If you can believe it, you can achieve it. It really is that simple.

Until next time...
Chad Bordes1 Comment