Delay of Game


I have been in the corporate world for many years and the one thing that drives me absolutely fucking nuts is the resistance to change. With all the companies I work with/for, there seems to be this old mindset that creeps in that we can't implement change until we get buy in. Im sorry why are executives paid so much money…to sit on their hands so they can wait for change to catch up?

I see why so many companies are stuck in the 80's and its because they take so long to make decisions. A perfect example is printing up slides from powerpoint. I have worked with hundreds of companies that still print slide shows to give to participants. Do we really feel like this is providing value??? Everyone, if not everyone that works in the corporate arena has a laptap or a PDA (if not, you may want to think about going back to the 50's…I hear they have these huge metal things that hold lots of paper and you can file them alphabetically, numerically or dewey decimal style). I understand the need to keep script alive but not when 50-60% of your participants will never use the paper that you print it on.

Learn to become electronic…send your PPT to all the participants and let them view it and make notes electronically. Teach your employees to become "electronic warriors" and to use less paper. Send an email if you have to take a voice message for someone, this way you are accountable and you can make sure the message is delivered.

Just my rants. As always, I welcome rebuttal and healthy arguments.

Until next time.