You are the new day...

This song is old and many people may not know it. My father introduced it to me in 1989, the year I graduated. I never thought much about the lyrics. Its a great song if you have been down in the dumps. Listen to it in absence of other sounds (use some headphones or be in a place where you have no distractions) and close your eyes. Hear the music and Imagine if you will, your new day.

I have included the lyrics if you are interested!v=TH2W7tSGuT0

(sung a capella)

I will love you more than me
and more than yesterday
If you can but prove to me
you are the new day

Send the sun in time for dawn
Let the birds all hail the morning
Love of life will urge me say
you are the new day

When I lay me down at night
knowing we must pay
Thoughts occur that this night might
stay yesterday

Thoughts that we as humans small
could slow worlds and end it all
lie around me where they fall
before the new day

One more day when time is running out
for everyone
Like a breath I knew would come I reach for
the new day

Hope is my philosophy
Just needs days in which to be
Love of life means hope for me
borne on a new day

You are the new day