I'm just saying,

Another morning is upon me. I watch as the sun burns away the coastal fog here in Encinitas. It is a beautiful day as the birds chirp outside my window singing the song of another day. The cool crisp air seeps in my window like a dancer in a ballet. In all, it is the makings for a gorgeous day.

As I sit here and peruse the gifts that nature has placed before me, I realize I have no clue what my life holds for me. I have no idea what is next, and try to accept graciously that this is exactly where I need to be in my life. I am getting an education on what it is I want in this life. I ask the universe, "Should I look for a new career?" the universe responds, "You should". I ask the universe if I should stay in the hospitality field, The Universe responds, "Yes" I ask if I should be in a relationship and the universe says, "As you wish". I again ask if I should remain single, and the response again is, "If you so desire".

No matter what the situation, the circumstance, the moment; You are exactly where you need to be at this moment. Sure you can have dreams and visions of what you want your future to look like (might I suggest a vision board), but the plain truth is that you just need to give thanks for the process. So often in my life, I feel like I made a bad decision to not go into the airforce, or to not work harder at a relationship, or moving to Colorado, but the hard truth is, it had to happen exactly as it did in order for me to get here, to this place. No matter how much my head may tell me this is not where I am supposed to be, the universe speaks to me softly and says, "Just be"

When your calling is clear, so also will be your passion to pursue that calling. Enjoy the moments of your life where ever you are. Don't allow yourselves to say, " I wish I would have done that" for that is living in the past, begin your sentences with, "I want to do this thing" or "I want to do that thing" and make a firm resolve to stand on those things…whatever they may be. Eventually your dreams will manifest themselves into reality.

As for me, I have to constantly come back to the moment, this moment and realize that, that right now, this is all I will every have. May you be blessed in all your moments.

Until next time...