Im awesome...

It is always amazing to me how i manage to live, but somehow or another I do. I beg, borrow and plead to make an existence. If only being a fabulous person paid my bills, I would be multi millionaire. I know money can't buy happiness, however, studies do show that people that come from nothing, that come into money, are in fact happier, because they can now do the things they couldn't do before.

I have to look at all the positives

* I am not a contributing member of society
* I have tons of free time
* I can do things when i feel like it
* I have freedom

Did i mention that I have freedom? I hate what money stands for in our society. However it needs to be known that from this moment forward, I choose to be disgustingly rich. I am tired of being 2nd class and kissing everyones ass to make a dollar. I want to be the one catered to on the planes, I want to be the VIP that has people wait on me. I want to be able to support my entire family and not question where the money goes. I guess this is the dichotomy between Money and life.

Until next time...