Like a ton of bricks...

So today I decided to walk to the beach with my coffee in hand and watch the surfers and enjoy the breeze. On the way out, I ran into Jake, Noahs younger brother, who lives in the compound I live in (it literally is a compound). He was seeing off his wife and their son, Emery, as they were taking their first flight to Oregon to visit her family. I saw Jake and I asked him about two wooden Pabst Blue ribbon placards that were in the garage. I asked him if he wanted them and what,if anything, was he going to do with them.

What proceeded was not what I expected at all. Jake informed me that they were his friend Scott Hansen's. Jake asked me if I knew what happened. I told him I didn't. Apparently Scott committed suicide on the 19th of April. He left behind his wife and two young children. As I think about it I tear up…

I met him a few months ago and he was very so-cal and laid back, but a super nice guy. Jake had known him since he was 19 and they practically grew up together. He was super friendly to me and came over often to have Jake work on his tattoos. We would strike up the conversation of the day (whatever that may entail) and discuss life. I actually printed a tattoo template that he was going to have Jake make for him. It cost me 15.00 bucks, but I could tell Scott was totally into it so it was worth it.

Scott apparently had a new, very promising job lined up in Costa Mesa working for his brothers medical company. It would have meant a new life for him and his family. Apparently, from what Jake told me, No one was around to help Scott move and to top it off when he got to his new place, the old tenants wouldnt leave until the end of April. Scott's wife was upset and decided to go live with her father. From what I gather, Scott had a rough time of it all and couldn't deal with his wife leaving him and the situation and lack of friends and hung himself that night.

Jake said he is processing well, however, when he told me, It hit me like a ton of bricks. I became very emotional and began crying. After only meeting Scott a handful of times, his death touched me. His children are absolutely beautiful and his wife, from what I remember was very friendly also. All that keeps running through my mind is the kids…and his wife. I wish i could be there and give them a hug, be there for them, do anything to help them in this trying situation.

It reminds me that we are infinitely connected in this world. You never know what would or could happen in your future. You don't realize whose life you will come in contact with and how you will affect them, or how they may affect you. On this day my heart and my thoughts are with Scott's family.

Tell those around you that you love them often. Instead of focusing on all the problems, find the solution and positive common ground. Help those in need when you can and don't take any part of your life for granted.

I love my family, friends and my loyal readers…

Until next time