When to text, tweet, face and things in between

With the new platforms to communicate, humans are left to fend for themselves when trying to figure out the specifics. What is twitter? Who uses facebook? Why are so many people texting? Why would I email? These are all valid questions that I hope to help clear up in this blog.


Biggest question, What is twitter and why should I tweet? Twitter is nothing more than a marketing tool for you and your brand, whatever that may be. If you are a new business and you have a product that you are trying to market, or if you are a company that specializes in information (broad topic or unique), or if you are a recent college grad, then twitter is for you. With that being said, It is not a get rich over night scenario. Twitter takes time. All you have to do is put in the time to build your followers, post with regularity and daily and before long, you move yourself or your brand up in the search engine market. You could tweet about a new pet shampoo that you are trying to sell, or tell people about your resume as a recent grad, or even post something that you might find interesting to your readers. It is very simple and can allow you to mass market your product to infinite numbers of people. Some important key factors with and about twitter:

  • Tweets must be 160 characters or less. If longer than 160, you will have to use programs like twitlonger to condense your message (not recommended. Stick to 160. If you can't say it in 160, your being to wordy

  • Twitter is not a place to post a status update. If your going to post something, give it some substance. If you tweet substantive garbage, you will lose followers and your reputation will degrade

  • Twitter is a marketing tool, plain and simple. Its not going to make your life be like Jessica Simpson or Justin Timberlake, but you will be able to generate leads, gain followers and influence people through using it.


Facebook is another big topic I like to talk about. Facebook may make you famous, but again it will take time like Twitter. Facebook is two fold. It is a great place to catch up with friends and family, but it is also a more personal way to connect with your customers. Every time you add a friend, you have access to all their friends. This will allow you to broaden your market share if your trying to build a business. Brand equity is kind. whether you are selling yourself or selling a product, Facebook is a great way to connect with your market. I would recommend a Facebook fan page or business if you are trying to manage a business. Its great exposure, easy to maintain and easy to set up. Normal Facebook pages can only have 5000 friends, where as Fan pages are limitless.

  • Facebook is a great way to engage your audience. it is also a quick way to disengage your audience. Try not to post things like "going to the gym" or "found a hair in my food". If your trying to engage your audience, pick witty quotes, sayings or attention grabbers so that people respond to your post.

  • Your facebook fan page is a great way to get buy in to your product. You can push your audience from the page to your website with simple posts. We have never been able to reach the number of people we have been able to reach out too via mediums like Facebook, twitter and linked in so cheaply.

  • When someone you don't know requests your friendship, it is a good idea to thank them for requesting you , and engage in their participation in you. Its a dialogue opener and you can begin to understand your audience better.

Emails in todays day and age are more personable than the other two. Phone calls are still the best but a good email can be a reminder for you that you called that person. Emails are trackable and can be good for follow up or possibly back up. On a phone conversation, it is very much she said/he said mentality and in business that can be a huge deal breaker. Emails are great because you can script it out before you say it in person. Sometimes you need to respond to an employee or a friend, and an email can be a good way to get to the bottom of something. With an email you can process and re process and put the words down that feel best to you.

  • Emails don't replace phone calls but they are good because they are trackable

  • Emails are more personable than tweeting and Facebook, however, when you write them, remember they are emotionless, regardless of how many emoticons you put in there.


So the new generation loves texting. Its time consuming and addictive, like a new puppy, I get it. The Millenia generation loves texting, im'ing and facebooking. I watched two girls text each other for almost an hour yesterday. I am sure they were texting boys and other friends, but there was no interaction with the two until they decided to get up and go to the mall. Texting has a draw because its instantaneous (nearly). You type something in to your phone or PDA, send it, and voila, within a few minutes you have a response. We have become accustomed to the chirp/beep or vibrates our phones make when we are texting. We are able to say things we may not normally say because we in some small way can become uninhibited. Things that we wouldn't normally talk about, become fair game. People date via text, break up via text and order food through texting and sext through texting.

  • Texting is great for immediate response. If you work with a team or lead a sales team, it is a great way to get a short message to everyone via a text blast. It doesn't require an internet connection, just a data connection on your phone

  • Relatively inexpensive to send and receive, unless you don't have a plan that supports texting.

  • On a more personal level, it allows you to step out of your comfort zone and talk about things you may not want to talk about, or normally wouldn't

As you can see there are lots of communication methods. The one we seem to move away from is the physical communication. Sitting down with a friend and having coffee, talking to the girl/guy in the grocery store that you think is cute, spending time with elders and listening to their stories. We have become an instant gratification society. We need to step back and remember the human contact. Instead of pushing a potential client aside to text your friend and tell them what a "jerk" your last client was, put your phone down and ask, "How can i help". Physical connections are important and they are all around us, we just have to put down the technology for a while to see that.

What do you think? Do you love technology or hate it and if so why?

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