iPhone or HTC EVO-Who wins; You the consumer

Let me start off by saying, I am not here to review these two units, this is an observation. I have been reading lots of reviews about the EVO and the iPhone. It seems to me that the reviews that are coming in are either HTC biased or Apple biased. I can give you countless blogs to look up regarding the above mentioned information. As a matter of fact if you type it in to your trusty search engine, you will find the debate rages on as to which platform is better.

I am writing this blog because it seems that many reporters are becoming brand biased. I understand that…I own a mac and must say that I prefer the experience over windows. I also know people that love windows over mac. I don't feel there is a clear winner. Yes I may have points about my mac that i could sell to a non mac user, but in the end it boils down to their experience.

Things I think consumers should be wary of when looking at what I call biased comparisons.

  • Battery life comments

  • Screen size or size of the phone

  • What phone cannot do

  • App store vs Android Marketplace

  • claims that one device is flawed over the other

  • flaky software

  • These are just a few of the things to be wary of. Today we have become a "bashing" society. We look for the flaws in everyone and everything. I have been in sales my entire life and the one thing i learned from my father a long time ago, "Never ever bash your competition". People with agenda's bash the competition. We live in a free market. The beauty of the article I am writing is to educate people. Make sure you are reading with a keen eye. I am an iphone user and I do enjoy it, however, I am also an educated consumer. I don't buy things just because people that love something tell me that another device is not right for me. Do your homework, talk to friends, scour the web, read articles---Get informed. Make sure you do it in an unbiased way. The beauty of todays market place is that companies realize you have a choice and they also give you a window of time to experience their product and if you are not satisfied you can give it back.

    Thanks for your time and make sure you educate yourself. Buyer beware. If you disagree or agree with me, I would love to hear your comments.

    Until next time...