Thought of the day for me

My life is a day in waiting. I wait around for things to happen and somehow, they don't seem to happen. I do all the things I am supposed to do, or feel i need to do. I get up, make my bed, clean my room, brush my teeth, feed the cats, clean my bathroom, shower, shave and get dressed. I look for work, not just any work, but meaningful work, something that will make me happy and allow me to grow. I don't want a job…something i just do, i want to make a difference and have people respect me and walk away feeling better.

Lately, I am stagnant. I don't feel like I am affecting anyone. My days start and end the same and I slowly feel myself dying inside. No sense of accomplishment, no love for what I do. I focus on what I want, however that isn't entirely possible when you can't visualize yourself doing anything. I dont' know if I should be working in technology, with people, or just as a cashier at a wal-mart. Nothing is clear, direction is unknown.

I don't want the answers, but I would love a nudge. Universe, God, infinite being---send me a sign. Help me help myself…a little nudge, thats all I need. Maybe a nudge with a spark. Something that inspires me, enlightens me. I am just at a loss and a little disconnected.
Chad BordesComment