A day in the Life

So I just found out that You tube is accepting video from all its subscribers today in an effort to collect footage for the 2011 Sundance film festival. I decided to take part in this as I love to photograph and video things (as you all know from my blog and facebook). Mine is going to be about things I love (life in general). As I started filming this, I realized the power of silence and nature. By not saying anything sometimes, I am speaking volumes in just letting nature be heard. The chirp of a bird on a fencepost, the low rumble of of tires on cars on the highway, the voices of people talking but not distinguishable over morning coffee, the crash of the waves on the shore.

My life has been a big question mark over these past few months. Im not sure what all the purpose of existence is (please do not freak out, I am not remotely suicidal or want to end my life). I am just curious the meaning of it all. Why were we put here? If we were designed to live amongst nature, why are we not? We seem to long for things that an over zealous box, with noise and voices, tells us we need. We build bigger houses and drive fancier cars. We do not stop to draw breath from the cool crisp morning air. We congregate in masses at "Starbucks" for a sense of longing, to feel needed and hopefully chart the days events over a cup of coffee that 10 years ago we used to brew at home, yet now we seem incapable of making and desire to pay $1.85 as to feel accepted and important.

I see the struggles of mankind over what job he or she has or the lack thereof and the valuation that we have placed on our lives based on our work and love status. Are we less of a human without work? Do we matter so much less in absence of a real, physical relationship with offspring and large diamond rings to validate the so called existence of love in the world? We seem to hunger for the all mighty dollar because without it we cannot be considered good and decent in the world, rather society sees us as a drain on society. Companies are holding on to billions of dollars and not reinvesting because they don't know what the future holds, but I ask them, I ask any of you, "Who does know what tomorrow brings?" Does your God really know? Does Allah really know? Does the universe really know? I think not, you see the truth of the matter is none of us knows. We live behind the veil of fear, the fear that all that we have worked for, all that we have ever done or earned, will be taken away from us. We try to convince ourselves that God has a special plan for us, or that we were placed here for a special purpose when in reality, if you look at logic, there is no reason for us to do anything other than be.

You see mankind has a way of screwing up what nature has given us. Mankind was never meant to walk the earth in the form and knowledge that we walk in today. We were warned about eating from the tree of knowledge, yet we did so anyway. We are curious and in nature we need to know things that we did not really need to know. We created electricity and the wheel and made improvements to them along the way. We learned about power and manipulation and we built empires that could rule the masses. Whether or not you want to admit it in your lifetime, this world we live in is dominated by power and control. You will never be truly free until you let go of that, no matter what form it comes in. Religion, government, schools... It has no bearing on who you should truly be. You see Religion tries to tell you that there is a supreme God that reigns above and he loves you and that he wants you to love everyone, unless they don't follow you or your religious leaders interpretation of the supreme holy book (Quoran, Bible, Tanakh). The government tells you that you should work, and pay taxes and support the law by doing what is right. If you do not work and fit in with the rest of the world, then you are bad and a drain on society and a "waste of taxpayers money", and the funny thing is that we built the system of constraints and follow it to a tee without regard to ever changing that system. We in a sense, built a system that would tell us that we are worthless unless we are giving back to the good of the government and doing right by the law. Schools tell us to think as rational people, so long as your ideas don't conflict with the teachers and so long as you build that sculpture in accordance with how the teacher wants you to form it, rather than your own free interpretation of what you think that form should be. You cannot write a book describing a mans life, unless it fits in with how the large publication houses see that man in the light that "They" want to see that man, and if your english is off or grammar incorrect per se, we must make it fit our mold. The story of a man that you once knew, becomes, "the story that "we" want you to know".

In this great way, we use the power of the internet to stimulate the masses. We write things that are free to read by anyone, we break free from the set of rules that have been laid down in order to teach others to break free and think for themselves. We publish videos to stimulate your senses and see things from different angles and different perspectives, to help you see that life is not about rules and restrictions. To be in the moment, not just near it. Question everything you have learned, read all books with a discerning eye, careful not to accept it as truth and put together your own truth, but allowing yourself to bend and breathe. Do not allow yourself to stick to one philosophy, but rather go through life and take as if you were going through a buffet line. Stop pushing the ideals or crap propaganda that you have in your head saying this is a bad thing or this is a good thing. You need to accept yourself as you are at this moment with no value attached to that.

Go outside on this day and see the world for what it really is, without attaching a value to it. Tell others about what you saw on this day, make a video and share it with the world. Realize that we are connected in this way to everyone around us and stop living by hidden agendas and other peoples ideals. Throw away your television or if you are strong enough to watch it with an observed mind, then know that what is being broadcast has no bearing on your life nor who you are. Break free of the rules and restrictions that govern your life and seek the enlightened life, the ability to look at a thing and not place a value on it.

Until next time...
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