Chads ideal job

Since I am having no luck finding the job of my dreams, i figured I would create the job

Chad's Ideal job

Must be:
✔ energetic
✔ funny
✔ good looking
✔ loves photography
✔ is extremely passionate about music
✔ enjoys watching and critiquing movies
✔ Enjoys riding his bike
✔ Tolerates running and swimming
✔ Loves working with people and helping them find their passion
✔ Loves technology
✔ Enjoys working with Mac, but has a strong grasp on PC
✔ Able to coach individuals on technology purchases
✔ Maintains a fantastic blog
✔ Is a master on Facebook and has a huge following.
✔ Loves Road trips and can travel for days with great music
✔ Can Travel extensively anywhere in the world on a moments notice
✔ Doesn't care for intolerance
✔ Is an extrovert and gets energy from being around people
✔ Could be an actor or singer given the right circumstances
✔ Loves eye candy :-)
✔ Able to critique all forms of food, alcoholic beverages, and deserts
✔ Adapts to any situation easily and quickly
✔ Isn't motivated by money, yet has plenty and funds various projects all the time

✔ Gifted writer (thanks Cathleen M)

These are just a few, I feel that I will be adding to this list based on thoughts as well as feedback from others :-)

Until next time.
Chad BordesComment