its like a swift kick in the nuts....

So I expected todays job interview to be a formal sit down and talk about the job and what I hoped to gain from the wonderful company hiring and what they could expect to gain from having such a wonderful person such as myself on the team. I totally missed the mark on this one.

To my dismay, I showed up at 10 am to a waiting room, crammed in with two other guys, one of whom was a young go getter with black pants and white socks, and the other was an gentlemen about 10 years my senior probably looking to supplement his retirement income. Our greeter was aa young kid probably just out of high school and very limited knowledge of a computer and limited people skills along. He couldn't find my resume and said to come in anyway. It always cracks me up how living in such a technological age, we can't send someone a resume via the interweb ( a series of tubes and wires---thanks for that Judy Wheeler) and have them print up that resume on the other end. That would be my hope for the future.

So our young host herded us into a room with several 6 foot tables a white board and some at&t paraphernalia strewn around the room. I looked at the clock and by 10:15, I hear a voice behind us saying, "Good morning! How you guys doing this morning" We replied great in our most enthusiastic voices. "Do you know why your here?" I started thinking, was I coming in for my lobotomy today, or is that next week. When the young 20 something guy rounded the corner, I thought his mother had sex with a porcupine. His hair was spiked in so many directions I thought he was going to poke holes into the ceiling. I couldn't take him seriously. I started tuning him out and thinking, "How long does he take to do that every morning?" I digress..

So he begins telling us about he door to door opportunity and how much money we can make just by setting one appointment per day. I had pretty much (mentally) left the room the minute he started speaking. I have heard 1000 of these spiels, if I have heard 1. He tried to spark interest and conversation with me, however, I had already begun writing my blog and then driving home. I thanked him for his time and headed out with a smile on my face and the thought that I am doing everything that I am supposed to be doing at this moment and time in my life.

Until next time...
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