oh reality TV

How i loathe thee...let me count the ways. So lets see, we have shows like The OC, The Hills, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Real Housewives of (whatever), big brother, big sister, sisters momma, mommas momma....

Seriously, I know some of those shows don't exist but mark my words, they will be coming soon to a television set near you!

Have our lives become so inconsequential that we have to resort to watching other peoples lives on TV, wishing , longing for, hoping to have a piece of the so called "reality" we see on TV? GET A FUC&*%G LIFE! If your life is that bad, you are that miserable and you are that boring that you have to watch a show that makes you wish to be someone else or be able to spend a day in someone else's shoes, you need to re evaluate.

I refuse to watch that crap and when i say crap, i really mean CRAP! Go read a book. There was this awesome thing that was founded hundreds of thousands of years ago called a library. It doesn't cost you anything to join (unless you loose your card) and you can get some great information there. If reading isn't your thing, try taking your TV obsessed girlfriend or boyfriend for a walk, without your cell phones and have what some people call a conversation. Remember those, you would get on the phone or actually talk to someone face to face? If you want a refresher, call me...not text, call and I can explain what a conversation is.

Seriously, lets not become a society of idiots. Lets actually try to make a better place to live for our kids (I have none that I know about, that doesn't mean Im not nervous). Lets set an example for future generations that we REALLY wanted to leave the world a better place. Better yet, throw your television out the window, or better yet, call up your cable company and s*&t can your cable service. (I can hear death threats being generated in boardrooms at Cox, at&t and verizon as i write this). Lets become human again and not robots

Until next time...
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