grateful for...

Just want to say all the things I am grateful for. My friends, without them I would have given up a long time ago. My family, for always believing in me and never giving up and my attitude, for without it, it would be a dark dark place and for the very recent acquaintances I have made in my life. Some through tragedy that I know will bring this community, this town and eventually lots of people together. I would also like to thank Facebook, for its amazing power to reach the masses. People have come out of the woodwork to share with me, stories of hope, triumph, tragedy and caring. Yes social media is fun, but lets not forget the power that it can harness if you use it for good.

Yesterday was an amazing day and even though i am financially undesirable or considered a "liability" in societies eyes, I still try to make the best of it. I have never been in this place and just trying to admire it all. My battles with money and having stable income has been a challenge to say the least for many years. Never before have i looked into a void and said "I have no friggin clue how all this happened, nor do I fathom an outcome", but I keep showing up. I keep doing what I think the universe wants me to do and that is to help and guide others and it seems to be working. You see I am just like many people out there, I have a car note that is two months late, school loans that aren't being paid, rent that is overdue, back taxes that I cannot pay, and no savings to back me up. I am, however, learning to just be, in the absence of what I thought was real, in what I thought I was supposed to really care about and be in the moment. I cannot stress about what isn't, I can only breath and enjoy what is.

Yesterdays sunset was a reminder of that. I decided late to go see a sunset up at Beacons and I got there in perfect time. I had some great music on by Greg Laswell and the notes seemed to correspond with the colors of the sky. I could have been there a minute, or an eternity and to me, it was totally mesmerizing.


(The pictures don't really do it justice. The second one was amazing because of the reflection of the pinks and reds on the ocean, made even the water reflect the color. )

My point in all this is that we aren't in control of our lives. No matter how much we try to think we are, its not possible. You can think all the wonderful thoughts you want, try and manifest the best life you want, but the stark reality is, your life, as cliche as it is, "is what it is". Try to find the good in it and stop being a critic and start being. Live life and enjoy the connections you make along the way. Give thanks for the meals you get and the roof over your head and be thankful for the blessings you get along the journey.

Until next time...
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