Making a difference and Vegas

So yesterday was the first day to be back on the road in a while. I mean in a real while, where I actually boarded a plane and traveled somewhere. I had great boarding position on Southwest. I got a great seat second row with luggage storage above my row (miracle). It is my belief that if you are boarding on southwest and get section c and you are above 15, you are not getting your luggage on the plane. I sat down and began my usual dosing off routine before take off. Something about the hum of the engines or the air conditioning puts me to sleep.

After sitting for about a minute, the flight attendant came on giving her usual routine about wearing the seatbelt low and tight across your hip, or exit rows, etc, however, her presentation was different and you could tell she truly loved her job. Her name was Candy, Candy Jones and she seemed to have some of that Texas swagger that you are probably all aware of. She was a fiesty little red head with a deadly smile and a wonderful laugh. She made the comment about, "...those of you traveling with children or infants," and there was a pause, filled with a laugh and then, "Really, you brought your kids...seriously, you are going to vegas. What were you thinking?" I busted out laughing and Candy made eye contact with me and from that point on, I knew our flight relationship was solidified for the 1 hour and 10 minute flight to vegas, meaning that I understood her and she understood me.

The flight was uneventful and Candy did what she did best. She entertained her people and loved her job. There was a minor situation, from across the aisle from me and it was this little girl, who was adorable, but must have been high. She could not stop laughing. Well she could, but her mother was egging her on. It wasn't a heartfelt laugh, but a forced one. I have to admit, I am not a big fan, if you are an adult or a child. Eventually we landed and all was well. We arrived at the gate a few minutes early and were off the plane very quickly. I caught up with Ms. Candy on the way up the jetway and we talked for a brief moment. She made some comments that made me laugh and I told her I would love to write about her in my blog, and she said "write away, My name is Candy Jones". I gave her my blog address and we were on our way. So Candy, If you are out there and reading this, I hope you are having a fantastic day. You are an inspiration for all. We all need to follow your example. If you don't love what you do, Do something else.

So I got the VIP treatment at MGM (first time) and I really liked it. I was picked up by limo and given royal treatment at MGM. Props to John, the door man/greeter, who was exceptionally friendly and had a bit of Peter Faulk talk about him. So I am back in Vegas and always love my time here. You are allowed to be crazy, silly, funny and pretty much whatever you want here. Some observations I will leave you with.

1. Don't think when in Vegas, just drink. I think this should be the new motto here

2. Some children shouldn't fly. Maybe their parents need a lesson in parenting

3. Vegas has lots of "paid talent". The girls across from our table couldn't have been more than 21. I guess if you are okay with it, its a good way to pay your rent

4. Vegas is doing all these 1/2 off specials. I think that is true with the paid talent. Its like a buy one, get one free. Or maybe it's if you buy one, "can my friend come too" Who knows?

5. I still think 6 am is the best time to meander through a casino. You see all the party animals coming back from a successful night of spending money and losing sleep. The gamblers are on fire or on their last dime. The cocktail waitresses are tired and can't wait to get home to crawl into their beds and sleep. In 24 hours the cycle will repeat without fail. It is a systematic process that has gone on for years.

Hope you have a great day and find some great observations of your own.

Until next time...
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