Last Day in Monaco

So today was my last day in Monaco and it was a gorgeous one. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun seemed to be happy to be shedding its light on us. I woke up at about 8 am and packed all my stuff into my backpack in preparation for my trip to Nice. Upon packing, I found that I lost my charger for my phone and called down to the front desk. I told them where I was, and to my surprise, they found it and would have it delivered to my room in a few minutes.

I got a call from one of my work associates that some of the staff and I were going to meet at this cafe that we had been eating at all week for lunch. There were about 6 of us and we all had cappuccino's and they were delicious. An interesting story about this cafe is that the owner's family was from Orange County and her husband was from Monte Carlo. Sixteen years ago she moved to Monte Carlo and got married and they have owned this cafe for the past 6 years. It is a tiny little place, but they do fantastic business all day. If you are ever in the Monaco area, stop by the little cafe on side street next to the Hermitage. They have fantastic cheese and tomato sandwiches and are extremely well priced and very nice.

After coffee my good friend Channa and I walked into town as we were hell bent on getting a crepe. Not just any crepe, but a nutella and banana crepe. We wandered for a bit and found a cute street close to the rock in monaco. It had tons of restaurants and shops and a very pleasant european feel. We found a great cafe that had just opened. They didn't open officially til 1130, but were happy to get us menu's and water. Channa and I were psyched about our crepes. I ordered a cafe au lait and my crepe, she had just the crepe. (Inserted comment: I did not take a picture of my crepe. For those of you waiting for that picture, keep on waiting. Yes I used to take pictures of food but now i find it quite ridiculous. I mean really, Im going to take a picture of this delicious looking food that NONE of you will get to partake in so there will be no more photos on my blog about food, end of story) My coffee came piping hot and the crepes were soon to follow. They were amazing and the perfect start to my day.

After we finished breakfast, Channa and I decided to take the long walk back to the hotel along the water and see the sights and chat and catch up. Some of the boats we saw were amazing. Its like nothing you have ever seen.

[gallery include="1103,1104,1105,1106"]

(Not sure about the name of this one heh)

(This boat was gorgeous and had some amazing color to it)

(This was a cute little church I saw on the way to the train station)

After the walk back, we said our goodbyes and hugged. I left the hotel de Paris and proceeded down to the train station. A word to the wise here, The ticket machines are electric and to the best of my knowledge, there are no attendants. I did not have enough change and tried to use my credit card. It was declined because it didn't have a sim chip. I had to walk all the way back down the hallway to a little cafe out front to get some change. I purchased the ticket and was on my way at a cost of 3.40 euro. The ride only took about a half an hour and was very beautiful.

I will write more about Nice tonight. I am off to explore this fabulous city. Today I may catch a bus to Cannes and check out that area.

Here is the picasa link if you would like to see all the photos:

Until next time.
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