Nice by day and night

So I arrived today in Nice. It was a quick 30 minute train ride from the Monaco train station to Nice. I didn't look at a map before I came and I should have. When I came out of the train station, I gave him the address and he said "no problem" . He said the fare would be 10 euro. and I agreed. He literally took me 100 yards and dropped me off on the street and I walked to the hostel. I was laughing to myself because that was the quickest 10 Euro I have ever spent.

I arrived at the hostel and had no problem checking in. Patrick's wife, who runs the hostel, was very friendly and checked me in quickly. It is a very secure hostel. It has been recommended by lonely planet and recieved high marks on hostel worlds website, which is why i booked it. As i arrived in my room, there was an Indian gentlemen from Stockholm packing some things away. He is looking for an apartment in Nice since he is retiring soon. He was complaining about the realtors in the area and how they wont rent to him because he is indian.

I soon met Mitch, from Canada and Nauri from Korea. Nauri is just here for a few days. She would be leaving in the morning. I was also given the pleasure of meeting Flavio and his girlfriend, whose name escapes me right now. They are staying until Wednesday. Mitch is working on staying in Europe for a year. We all decided to go to dinner in old Nice and just find a cheap good place for dinner. We shared stories and enjoyed some fantastic food and wine. We bought a carafe of wine for about 16 Euro among 3 people and I ended up getting some great pizza with onions, olives and cheese.

We finished dinner and came back at about 10 o clock. I was so completely tired as I had walked over Nice and down by the water at night. I fell asleep as soon as I came back to the room. I forgot to undress and slept for about 20 minutes or so in my clothes. I finally undressed down to my underwear and fell into a deep sleep. In all it was a great day.

Very cool church on the main street.

Plaza by the water.

Nice skyline at dusk

Old Nice at night. Very Beautiful

Until next time.

Photos on picasa to follow
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