Day 2-Flagstaff to Tecumcari

So today started off pretty early. Alarm went off at 6 am and Marlin was right there to greet me to let me know its time to go outside and do his business. I stayed at a motel 6 and i have to say I am very impressed. Some of the hotels have undergone rennovation and actually have flat screen rooms (not so much in Tecumcari, but hey what can you expect for 30 bucks a night). Yes...I am staying at motel 6 and I can already hear the scoffs..."OMG that is disgusting" or "I wouldn't be caught dead in a motel 6", well my thought on that is quite simply, get over yourself. Somewhere along the line we feel entitled to luxury. My theory on that is, there are people in third world countries that would kill to have a nice roof over their head or running water, so this to me is a luxury in a sense. A place that I can clean myself off, and get a good nights rest...I digress

I started the day off with a great omlette at a local restaurant recommended by my amazing friend Lauren. After great breakfast and wonderful conversation, Marlin and I hit the open road. The drive was pretty unproductive, aside from the fact that we covered another 520 miles. That is my breakdown per day of how many miles need to be done to stay on schedule. I could go more than that if I wanted to be uber productive, but for the most part it works well. Its a solid 8-9 hours of driving and including lunch and pitstops. Scenery was pretty for the most part and the occasional stop at rest areas for Marlin's sake, made the drive bearable.

Marlin and I ended up stopping at a rest stop and I busted out his trusty tennis ball and wore him out. He looked at me right before i put him back in the car with that, "Really..your gonna make me get back up in here without helping this tired old guy?" look. He was a great sport about it and proceeded to make his bed and lie down before i shut the boot. We finished the last two hours of the drive and arrived in tecumcari at about 6:30. I had dinner (at dennys). Marlin was knackered (as you can see below) and I was in bed by 8:30. Thats what happens when you get old I guess.

Until next time.
Chad Bordes2 Comments