Day 3-Tecumcari, New Mexico to Van Buren, Arkansas

Todays drive was pretty uneventful. Nothing really exciting to report. I did see the largest cross in the Northern hemisphere. It was somewhere in texas and it was impressive. I would like to make a kite that big. That would be fun.

Marlin was great today. He slept a lot and let me know when he had to used the restroom by poking his head up in the back. I would stop at the nearest rest area or micky d's and grab some coffee and take him for a walk.

I did stop just outside of Van Buren at a park and played with Marlin until he was beat. Its funny cause even when a dog is tired, he will still play. Marlin is no exception to that rule.

I liked the picture above with the light coming through the tree. We made it to Van Buren with no problem. Marlin was a hungry boy and ate his weight in dog food (i swear it seemed that way) at least 4 cups worth. He is such a great dog. So sweet and amiable. I hope to become more like him daily.

So far no complaints about this trip. I could definitely do this on a regular basis for people that were thinking about moving. It is so freeing and relaxing to put on some good music, feel the wind in your hair and see sunsets at your back.

Until next time...
Chad BordesComment