Day 6: Harrisonburg, VA to Charlottesville and then Reston, VA

So today, I slept in, 630. I know, I am such a slacker. Marlin woke up with me and informed me that he needed to go to the bathroom first since he was the older and wiser of us. I agreed and got dressed and walked him around til he did his business. After that I headed to Mickey D's for some coffee and an egg mcmuffin. I had at least an hour drive ahead of me to get to Nate and Chelsea's. The quick snack and coffee were good and it kept me awake for the drive, along with some great music.

Upon arriving to Chelseas, I was greeted by a shoe-less Chelsea whose tootsies were getting cold. She invited me up as she ran up the steps in her spry and cute little spring step she has. She showed me the apartment and walked me out to her porch where we sat in the sun. Nate came out and greeted me and was off to the store to get some groceries for breakfast. It wasn't long that I was greeted by the ever so polite Cyrus. Cyrus is one of the cutest kids I have ever laid eyes on. Not only that, but his manners and the way he speaks so intelligently, make me want to kidnap him.

Nate and Chelsea worked in the kitchen to prepare a fabulous breakfast of eggs, croissants, fresh fruit and cheese as well as some luke warm coffee (Chelsea will get this). After breakfast we decided to go downtown and check out the scenery. The downtown is interesting as it is an outdoor mall and one of the last (original ones) still standing. We walked around a bit and then decided to head up to Carter mountain to pick apples and check out the view. Cyrus narrated the whole time and even commented on Marlins stinky breath.

The Views from Carter mountain were magnificent. You can see pretty much all of Charlottesville and surrounding cities. We took the mini bus up the hill and the driver dropped us off at the fiji apple section. Cyrus was happy to pick my apple for me. It was the sweetest, best apple I have ever tasted in my life. I thanked Cyrus for picking out such a winner and he said, "No problem" Again, I want to kidnap him and give him a growth stunting pill.

View from Carter Hill

After carter hill we decided to head back and forego TJ's house (Thomas Jeffereson) as it was getting late and I still had 100+ miles to drive to reunite Marlin with his owner. After saying our goodbyes and sharing some incredible music with Nate and Chelsea, Marlin and i hit the road. We took a back road (15) and special thanks to Chelsea for that gorgeous recommendation. We arrived at Marlins new address at 6:15 and by 6:45 he was pretty much done. Marlin's mom and I grabbed some dinner and called it a night at about 9:00. In all it was a fantastic drive and if given the opportunity to do it again, I most certainly would.

Until next time...

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