As the times do try us...

There are lights in our mist. People that pay attention to you even though you don't know they are there. Friends who care about us, even when we are at our darkest points. All you have to do is reach out to them

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Marshall Crawford. He has been a friend on facebook for almost a year and we have had conversations back and forth regarding life and what not. He had been reading my posts and noticed they changed from good to melancholy to downright miserable.

You see this year has been the most trying year of my life, as I am sure it has been for many people. I know friends that are losing their houses and having to declare bankruptcy. There are tough times currently and still ahead, but it is our attitude that takes us away from the despair.

My situation is no different. I have been working in a particular industry for many years and have loved what I have done, however, this year, the business fell out from under me. On average I am gone between 180 to 215 days per year. This year, I have traveled 90. It was a big hit to my bottom line, so much so that the last two weeks has been spent pulling pennies dimes and nickels out of a change jar that I have to buy food or to put gas in my car.

Yesterday Marshall gave me his cell and I called him. He was super friendly on the phone and after losing the first call (thanks to at&t on his end), we chatted for a bit. He asked how my beans were for breakfast and I informed him that I was able to make oatmeal.
He told me that he was having dinner for some friends and that he had an extra spot at the table. and wanted to know if I would like to join. I took him up on the offer without hesitation or pause. He informed me that it wouldn't be a vegetarian meal, and I responded by saying, "beggars cant be choosers when it comes to food" He laughed through the phone and advised me to be there at 6.

I ran errands for the day and showed up at his place by 6 pm. We had great conversation and a beer to start things off. By 7:30 his long time friend Dave and his girlfriend Deliah (sp) showed up. We ate great food, laughed and learned lots about one another and it was a fantastic night.

I came home not full but satisfied and very thankful. That is the kind of thing that makes this country great, not the money, not the power, but the friends that reach out when you are down.

Along those same lines, my good friend Tania J., hooked me up with some consulting work and was generous in buying me a cafe au lait yesterday as well as a sandwich for lunch. It was perfect timing and heartily enjoyed so Thank you to Tania J.

So I ask you, are you a Marshall or a Tania? If not, who is your Marshall and Tania. Remember, we are all here together, good or bad, happy or sad. If you need a hand, don't be afraid to reach out. If you have change to spare or a meal you can buy for a friend, don't hold back. Its in giving that we receive the most.

Until next time