Do you like to fly?

I have met numerous people over the years and the overwhelming answer is "No, I hate flying". I wonder if they really feel that way or if it is something that has been programmed into their heads for many years. I ask the question, "I wonder where the fear comes from?" Is it because of something they have seen, or possibly a loved one, family member or friend of a friend who was involved in a being in a plane crash.

We have all sat next to the chatty guy or girl who has told of their horror stories about turbulence or terrible landings or outrageous take offs, but aside from that, where does that fear come from and why does it stick. I personally believe that it all relates to our fear of death. When people make the associations about flying, they immediately think about crashing or worst case scenarios. Why do we do that? You wouldn't start a race thinking about hitting a wall at mile one, why would you do it on a plane?

This morning I had the pleasure of flying out of San Diego's own Carlsbad/Palomar airport. I can say that I am extremely pleased with the overall experience. The security line was short, the flight was shorter and very enjoyable and I was able to sit across the aisle from the cutest little boy sitting on his mothers lap. I was able to look out my window and see the bright moon lighting up the sky on my left, and the amazing sunrise to my right. Every so often, I would look down at the ripples in the ocean and see a famous person's face on the water. I saw Ronald Regan, mahatma Ghandi, and I am pretty sure some form of Jesus, although, I can only say I saw the one that everyone else pictures. Bottom line, my flight was utterly enjoyable.

Turbulence is a natural part of flying. I have been on flights in which the turbulence started at about 10,000 feet and didn't stop until we touched down at our destination, and I have been on flights that are like glass. I don't' say "take the good with the bad", but rather enjoy the process and understand what flying is. Currently, it is still the safest mode of transportation between destinations. Still safer than cars, boats and trains.

My humbled advice is to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. Travel is only getting more hectic as we move forward. We have few luxuries that we can truly enjoy so think about your flight, look out the window and start to enjoy the ride rather than waiting for the crash.

Until next time