Movie Review: No Strings Attached

 out of 5 stars

This is a cute story of Ashton Kucher (Adam) and Natalie Portman (Emma) who have known each other since camp back in the day. Their lives have always intertwined through college and grown up life. After Adam's big break up he decides to call every girl in his phone book to see who will have sex with him. He ends up getting inanely drunk and wakes up the next morning, naked on Emma's couch convinced he has had sex with someone in the apartment. After much deliberation, and the final word from Emma, he realizes he didn't have sex with anyone. He finds out he acted pretty inappropriately in front of Emma and eventually they begin making out...The rest you will have to watch.

It is a very cute film and some of the one liners are classic. The first 20 minutes of the movie alone will have you laughing out loud so that you may even miss the in between lines.

This is a great single or date movie. I feel you will get a kick out of it either way.

Some memorable quotes:

Emma: Congrats? For what, having sex with you?
Adam: You did a good job, so... I thought you deserved a balloon.

Eli (Adams Roommate): Ten years from now you're gonna be having sex with your wife. And it's gonna be in the missionary position. And one of you is going to be asleep.

Its a fun movie and can be enjoyed any day of the week. Don't take my word for it, get out there and check it out for yourself

Until next time...