Starting 2011


Lots of people are going to be making New Years Resolutions. I will be in that category also, however, I feel my list will be a bit smaller. I wrote on my wall yesterday some of the things I want to accomplish.
1. Drink more water
2. 2 Cups of coffee per day
3. Exercise on a daily basis

I made my list simple for a reason. Most people start the New Year with a list of things they want to accomplish, but somewhere along the line of going through the motions, they forget to keep a running tab. The list is so long that it becomes a chore and everyone knows that chores downright suck!

You see its my belief to keep things simple. Give yourself some attainable goals that are relatively easy to follow. Trust me we are all perfect in our own right, but for the sake of not becoming as stagnant as a pond in the middle of the swamp, we all strive to make small differences in ourselves, small but noticeable differences that are passably easy to follow.

By making large lists, you are saying that you are not comfortable with some part of you, whether that be an action or a physical part of your body, and in my humble opinion, just keep them small and don't point out imperfections you may see in yourself. We are our worst critics.

May this year bring you more peace and prosperity, in whatever form that may need to take shape for you. May you learn to forgive and reconnect with someone that you lost touch with, whether that be a brother, sister or friend. Find the good in that person and stick to it, resoundingly. Stop letting your thoughts dictate why you can't make room for someone in your life. May this year be more of a year of "yes" and less of a year of "no, or I can't".

Thank you to all of my family and friends and your amazing support this last year. Lets go forward in 2011 kicking ass and taking names. There is no better time than right now.