thought for the day

Love is our natural state of being. It is a vibrational frequency that you can see and feel in those around you. The expression of love can be in material things as when someone says, "I love your shoes". They are resonating with the frequency of the color or style of the shoes at their current energy level. When we step out of our mask of what we think love is, we begin to realize that we had no concept to begin with.

Often times we think that love only comes in the form of placing someone in our lives as the soul benefactor of our love and that is what I feel God was trying for us NOT to do. When we learn to love everything around us, when someone sees that vibrational love, they become attracted to it and so want to share in that love and spread it with that person all over the world. Love is not like money, you are not supposed to save it, you give it away in multiples of 100.

When you realize the universe (God) loves you, realize that everything is exactly as it should be. You begin to stop looking for things outside of you to fulfill you and are content with being by yourself for very long periods of time. When you look for love, you will never find it, but when you sit back and be in love with yourself, it will flow over you like the biggest Tsunami you have ever seen.

Final thought: The love you give a significant other should be the same you give to the homeless guy down the street