Movie Review: Rango

4.5 out of 5 stars
I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I agreed to see Rango. I'll admit that I wanted to see it every since seeing the first preview. My friend Marshall was talking it up like crazy. The preview kind of hooked me, well that and the fact that I love Johnny Depp, wheter as an actor or just as a mere voiceover as he was in this movie. The other factor that was turning me slightly away was that there was no hint of a plot direction.

Rango: So you want something to believe in?
[points at the "Sheriff" sign]
Rango: Believe in that there sign. For as long as it hangs there we've got hope.

I think in life we go see movies without any knowledge of what the movie means or what it is about, other times the movie chooses us. Movie opens and we find out that Rango, which is not his real name, is not a hero but far from it. Although he has no clue who he is, the director makes us see that he wants a chance to be a hero and to leave the world with a story (much like my delusions of grandeur).

The scenery in this movie is very captivating and to be honest I had a hard time depicting some of the scenes in this movie from my own real life journeys. The characters are all eccentric and funny. I will say one thing that really stood out about this movie is that there were animals in the village that believed in Rango without even knowing him. "You gotta give them hope" and that is exactly what Rango delivered to them. I find this to be so true in todays society that we all need something to believe in and we every so often need someone to believe in us, even when we don't believe in ourselves.

The humor is geared towards the adult in my opinion, however, I am sure that kids and teens alike will enjoy the visual prowess of this movie and pick up on some of the humor. I would recommend it to families, couples and my friends. It is definitely going to be a movie, like inception, that I see in the theatre more than once. Don't take my word for it, grab your girl or boy, husband or wife and/or the kids and head to the theatre to check it out, I don't think you will be sorry.

Until next time...