So there is this song...

Love this album btw
Its called, "Two Sisters"
Lryics start out. "I'm in love with two sisters
Only weapons can decide
Whose bed I share tonight"

Okay so not really. I just thought it was appropriate for this entry. I had the opportunity to meet Mischa and Leslie this weekend while auditioning for The X-Factor. It started at 6;30 in the morning on a cold Saturday in Los Angleles (If you can believe it ever gets cold actually does). I was one of the last ones to get into the line for wristbands and tickets on this day. I was blessed to be next to Mischa and her sister. At first we didn't say much, but after we had been standing for a while it only made sense to begin talking to like minded crazies around us.

In our group was Marvin, Gina, Deena, Mischa, her sister Leslie and me. We all somehow clicked. I can't really explain it but the energy was really good. I love it when you meet people and they aren't a drag. You actually have good conversation, the energy is high and you are able to just be yourself.

We stood inline from 6:30 am until 2:00pm, when we finally got our tickets and wristbands. We left the auditorium and I took a picture of some of my new found friends with the tickets and wristbands. Mischa and her sister said they were going back up to hollywood and I said that I had to go right by there and could drop them off. They agreed and we headed back to the W hotel and had lunch. We had fantastic conversation and I began to become amazed at the relationship between the two sisters and how close they were.

Of course in this process, I learned that they used to harass and beat each other up when they were younger, but to see them now, you would never know that they were mortal enemies 20 years earlier. Upon finishing lunch, I made a slow departure home as the girls had to get ready for massages. I said my goodbyes and headed home to be with my amazing mother, who by the way is battling cancer.

The next morning I woke up and headed down to the colosseum at 5:15 and even with the extra time, parked at 6:15 and was in line by 6:30 due to heavy traffic loads. I was thinking it was going to rain all day, as it was drizzling on my way to the event. I was uneventful in finding an umbrella and said I would tough it.

Upon arriving in line, i happend to look forward at one point and see Deena, one of the girls I was in line with the day before. Before I could blink my eyes, she made eye contact and waived me up. We hugged and she said she was happy to see me. Two seconds later her phone rings and it was Geena (sp?) and Marvin calling to find out where we were. They locked in on our location and found us about 20 minutes later. The only ones missing from the group were Mischa and her sis.

My phone wasn't really working and when I finally got it to work, Mischa had texted, "Are you up yet? I hope so". I responded yes and said I was iin line. She said she was to and gave me her coordinates. After dancing around in the water soaked parking lot, she and her sister made their way over to the original gang. When they found us, you would have thought we had been separated for years. We were all happy to be together as one big semi family again.

Time marched forward and we ended up finally getting into the colosseum and took our seats. Mischa, Leslie and I were in the 3rd section from the floor, section 1 row 1 seat 12, 13 and 14. We made ourselves comfortable and began conversation After about an hour, Mischa and I decided to go for a walk and really spent time getting to know one another.

I found her to be delightfully charming and very smart. She seems to be on the same wavelength as me and so there was definitely a connection. We must have walked around that place 3 or 4 times and learned a ton about the similarities in our lives. Leslie finally texted us and said she had to pee so we headed back.

We did catch a break as one of Mischa's friends happened to be in the first or second section of row two and had extra tickets. He offered them to us and we (Mischa and I), gladly accepted. As we made our way down to the floor, i could feel the nerves eating my stomach. I think we were all nervous. We finally made the floor (5 hours earlier than expected) and took our individual places in the judges booths. I was given a "No" very early by a snotty british woman who was apparently looking/hoping for justin biebers twin. I graciously exited and thought for sure I was going to have to meet the other two outside the yellow ticket line in front of the sports center (yellow tickets are what the x factor gave to let you know if you had advanced). To my surprise, neither of my friends made the cut.

We met at the back of the building and said our goodbyes. Im not gonna lie, it stung a little, but I also know that I performed the wrong song. I said my goodbyes to Mischa, Leslie and Lance (Mischa's friend) and decided to head home. After I got home, I got a text from Mischa stating her and her sister were out shopping and was asked if I could be convinced to meet them for dinner. (I said yes because I am a total yes man. No's only fill you with doubt and make you miserable)

I met them on Hollywood boulevard and we walked and talked. We found a cool little burger joint called "Lucky Devil". Let me start by saying they have fantastic burgers and cold beer, so its all good by me. As we all talked and shared, I really felt like I got to know these two amazing girls. Even though their life was not perfect and they fought when they were younger, the bottom line is that I could feel the love between them now. They were cute, quirky and adorable and most of all, best friends.

I may have not made the 2nd round of the X-Factor, but the truth is, that I wasn't meant to. I was meant to meet these amazing people and really feel what love is between sisters. I was able to experience love in a raw, family fun, kind of way.

I am extremely thankful for the

friendships this weekend and for the opportunity to do something that I never in my life, normally would have done. Thank you to my crew for a great weekend and thank you to Mischa and Leslie for showing me true sister love. I love you both as wonderful beings.

Until next time...