Day 9 ICU-getting better

Well things are better since my last blog.  Mom is sleeping a lot and being taken care of fantastically by the staff here at West Hills Hospital.  She seems to be in less pain than usual and is slowly adjusting to the trach tube in her throat.  Her stats are good.  O2 saturation is about 98% BP is 117/60 and Respiration rate is about 22.

They had to take her off feeding tube again as she was not absorbing everything and they are probably going to cut her dose down to 30 instead of 45 and hour.  He color is back and she is resting peacefully.  I try to spend as much time with her as possible.  8-12 hours a day and I think now that she is a bit more lucid, it makes a difference.  She feels at ease.

Its interesting because to me it is a reversal of life.  When you think about being a kid, you always want your mom.  When you are hurt, you want your mom. First day of school, you are nervous to leave your moms safety, but you fly the coop anyway.  Mom is in that same place now where she always wants me around.  When she hurts, I am here and when she has a surgery, I am here for her.

Cancer and my mother being sick have taught me a lot about denying the self.  It has showed me that we need to become more of a "We" society rather than a "Me" society.  I could resent being here all the time, but why?  What would that do for the cosmic good of mankind or myself.  In times of need, we need to step up.  We are all family and we need to be more loving and supporting of everyone. If you see anyone hurting, ask them how you can help, rather than walking by and feeling "sad for them"  If you see a homeless person, offer to buy him/her food----sit and talk with them for a while. If you don't like the piss smell, off them the bathtub and a a few quarters for laundry.  We can stop being observers in life and actively participate.  "They" are not someone elses problem (meaning a sick family member, a homeless person or someone that is hurting), they are ours.  Be the change you wish to see in others, not for them but for you.

Thanks for listening and being there.  I really appreciate all your friendship and concern.  keep the goodwill and wishes flowing.  I love you all and wish you a blessed day...may you learn from it.

Until next time...
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