I'm going deep, so brace yourself...

I have been contemplating, searching and looking for answers and for every answer, I get 5 questions. Maybe I shouldn't be looking for answers but for questions? I think I have been going at it all wrong and can't help but think we all have.

A great friend and I went to go see the documentary, "I AM" and I must say, that this movie affected me and inspired me to look at the world in which I have been living for so long. It has forced me to question everything I ever learned and many of the beliefs that I have held so sacred for so long. I may make a mess of this, but I will try to keep you informed, educated and following me as I go through this.

1. We all have a purpose on this earth.

If you think it is to be a millionaire or live in a huge mansion or to be doing something other than your god given talent, you may want to re assess.

2. All of the things around us are built to keep us content or to satisfy our human condition.

Its kind of like the question, what came first, the chicken or the egg. Money (IMO) was created to show power. The more money you have the more power you have. Is this true? Not even close. Money fills you with emptiness. We keep seeking that something that will fulfil us and then we move on. Sometimes the satisfaction lasts a year, sometimes a day, sometimes just minutes. Once we have figured a thing out, we lose interest in it. Want a true example of this---look at the institute of marriage. Many people get married because they have been programmed to believe it is an evolutionary step in the process of life. It starts a chain reaction of buying a house, filling that house with "Stuff" and then the kids come and the house gets filled with more stuff. Parents usually pass their values and morals on to the kids. Kids grow up and see the stuff, come and go and create the sense that "I want to be like my parents". Girls, Im not picking on you here, Im just saying that when you see this at a young age, then the image is burned into your mind that you yourself need to follow in mommies footsteps. Guys do it also, but girls tend to build the fantasy in the head before guys do. Going back to satisfying our condition, look at TVs, shopping malls, WII's, xbox 360's, computers, games and a multitude of things. I am sure you could add to this list, so feel free to do so.

3. We are our brothers keeper.

The reason we get emotionally charged when something happens like Katrina, or the earthquakes in Japan or tornados in the midwest, is because we are wired that way. Think back to a touching story that you have heard, one that really gripped you, I mean reached into your throat and pulled on the vocal chords, made the hair on your arms stand up, or brought a tear to your eye.  There are amazing connections between the animal kingdom and us.  Im not going to make an association to the (like saying we are related), but I can tell you that we can watch them and learn. Animals don't go off an live successful fulfilling animal careers by themselves, they live in community.  You are going to give me some silly story that we are better than animals, because we have evolved...  Really?   We are?  We have?????  Im calling bullshit on that one.   More like we think we have evolved.  In my opinion (as well as others), we stopped evolving hundreds of years ago right before the industrial age.

4.  Imagine a world of infinite possibilities, in the absence of money.

Imagine if you will a world in which we  can do, say, be and have anything we want in the absence of money.  If money wasn't an object and didn't exist, What would you do?  I posed this question to a friend of mine and I said, imagine our current infrastructure obsolete, buildings and homes with no value, no money to pump gas or buy stuff, how would you rebuild the society.  She gave an interesting answer and (in the omitted state of the ego), she said she would let women run stuff and I thought about it for a moment and it really seems like a good idea.  (I have my reasons why, but I would love to hear yours)

The world is changing and we are entering a time where spirituality is catching up with education.  We are learning more about how connected we are and it is starting to surpass what we are learning (or taught) in order to keep us all in line.  Without hope, we are a useless species (Im not talking about hope for more money or bigger houses or nicer cars, but rather hope in a future where everyone is equal, no one is better and we all have love.)

Call me crazy, but the reason so many of us are being tested or losing the things we have held so dear is because those things really don't matter anymore.  Stuff doesn't matter.  The years to come are going to provide challenge, but also the opportunity to find out what matters in your life.  What drives you?  Is it the house you live in and the mortgage you support?  Is the school you put your kids in? Is it the car you drive in order to keep up with the Jones' and look. cool?

My challenge to you that read this and to share with your family and friends is, "What are you working so hard for and why does it matter?  I hope that this post will raise questions in your mind about what is real and what isn't in this world.  Forget everything you have learned and start again, fresh.  Stop eating from the tree of knowledge and find your own garden to grow

Until next time...
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