Giving thanks on Mothers Day

So I didn't really know what to write today.  I woke up at about 7:30 and was extremely exhausted from last night.  I helped my aunt and uncle selling tickets for Jacaranda, a production that they put on every month through the church.  My Aunt was elected director, either for this month or possibly forever.  She asked me if I would help out and I gladly obliged.  I helped set up the computers for credit card sales.  We only had about 20 credit card sales and the show was a success.

At 8:15 I drove to my friend Shireen's bar that she manages, Pete's cafe and bar, which has a fantastic ambiance and really good food.  I had never been to any restaurants downtown so it was fun to visit Petes and catch up with Shireen.  She is doing fantastic and has been a great friend throughout the years.  I met Shireen in 2007 working an event at the Roosevelt and we hit it off instantly.  We have stayed in touch ever since.  I have to admit that I was so tired driving home last night that I didn't think I would make it.  I have never been happier to see my bed.

Upon waking this morning, Uncle don decided to take me to the famous Bobby's coffee shop for breakfast.  We had a great breakfast and then I packed up my laptop to go visit mom for a few hours.  I stopped and bought her a card and some flowers.  When i got to her room, she was so happy to see me and loved her flowers and the card.  After reading the card she made me display it prominently next to the roses that I gave her so she could show off to the nurses.

I was drawing a blank tonight as to what to write about on this day.  After a little thought, a soy misto and some deep reflection, I am just thankful to be alive and be able to celebrate another mothers day with my wonderfully fantastic mother. I am thankful that I could hold her hand and kiss her and tell her about my trip to Washington DC as well as my upcoming trip to New York tomorrow.  She asked me tonight where I would be staying and I told her the Marriott Marquis and to my surprise, without hesitation, she knew right where it was located.  She wrote that I would love it.

Seeing her smile made time stand still and made me truly appreciate moments in my life.  Having her hold my hand tonight while we watched tv, regardless of what was on, and just being able to be together has made me realize how fragile life is and how important it is not to lose sight of true goals.  To me, its the people we surround ourselves with, not anything else.  Who we align with and how we align with them is the key to our path in this life.  I am blessed to have aligned with great people with amazing hearts and truly divine gifts.

Thank you to all the mothers out there on this day.  Thanks for your wonderful words of inspiration and encouragement.  Thank you for always being there when we fall and for helping dust us off, straighten our clothing and sending us back in the right direction.  Without mothers, we probably wouldn't have a great sense of direction, remember to keep our elbows off the table, or remember to wash our hands after using the bathroom, and with that I again give thanks to the mothers of the world.

Until next time...