Happy Monday

This is from the Universe, well actually Mike Dooley, but still brilliant in all.  I get these daily.  I can tell you that hope and faith is a good thing to have.  If you don't have any, reach out to friends, neighbors or me.  If you do have faith and hope, do something good for someone other than yourself today, even if that is to give a smile or make someone laugh, offer to pay for someones breakfast, or carrying groceries for someone.  We are our greatest when we work together.

"It's like every single life is being played out inside its own tiny, little bubble. Floating effortlessly in the wind, alongside billions and billions of other bubbles.

Yet interestingly enough, while it's quite easy to peer inside other bubbles and notice what is or is not happening there, what they do and do not have, comparing to the point of envy or gloating, it's equally easy to notice, though so few do, that all of the bubbles are floating home, where everyone is equally worthy, important, and celebrated."

I like that one...and I love you all.

Until next time...